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The GaitWay To The World Of Gaited Horses presents the Gaited Horses Portal, aimed to attract and excite gaited horse enthusiasts and lovers, and provide them references to gaited horse ranches, clubs, video's, gaited horse histories and standards, equipment purveyors, and other gaited horse resources. The Portal provides a complete educational and informative experience. If you prefer a brief introduction beforehand, you might care to visit our Portfolio, Gallery, and Contact Landing Page, with links to the Portal.

The most underrated phenomenon in horsemanship is a gaited-horse experience on a Paso Fino, Missouri FoxTrotter, Tennessee Walker, Mangalarga Marchador, Campolina, Icelandic, Florida Cracker, Marwari, Spotted Saddle Horse, Racking (Single-Footing) Horse, or Peruvian Paso. Most experienced riders are unfamiliar with these breeds, their mellow temperaments, and their capacity to provide smooth no-bounce magic-carpet rides.

They create these by always placing three feet together on the ground (with the exception of the Racking Horse, which always places just one foot on the ground), thus avoiding the up-and-down bounce of a non-gaited horse, such as a Quarter Horse, Arabian, or warm-blooded sport horse. Gaited horse gaits are hereditary, and foals start gaiting along with their mothers within an hour of birth.

Why is this so nice? If you are one of the man equine enthusiasts who enjoy riding, but experience back, neck, and spinal problems, you will marvel at the comfort, lack of stress, and confidence building that it provides. Moreover, if you are a novice, just learning horsemanship, you will accomplish the necessary riding skills within hours, instead of the days required to accomplish the posting needed to adjust your rhythm to that of your mount; you will be able to concentrate on your reining skill, instead of an up-and-down bounce.

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One important consideration is scheduling a horse vacation, since this holds a lot of weight in defining how your first equine experience will turn out.  Be reminded that the more names you can choose from, the more likely you will get to choose the right one.  Check out this website at Wikipedia-Riding-Horse to learn important facts about horseback riding.

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